Modern House Interior in Klaipėda

Location: Klaipėda
Area: 193m2

A distinctive motif in the interior is a modern interpretation of a ship in the kitchen – the whole island is made of rusted metal like material, the long and massive shape of the island and its oblique front further imitates the ship-shape. The black industrial metal luminaire complements the marine theme.

The contrasting veneer of the kitchen cabinet perfectly reveals itself near the rusty island. The doors to the pantry and the laundry room are integrated, and all the small appliances are hidden on an enclosed worktop.

The geometric composition of the walls in the corridor space, with its expressed tectonics and hidden decorative lighting, create a dramatic relief.

Massive furniture, luminaires and other details – all strong, rhythmic and at the same time functional and so comfortable. Dark ceiling-height doors enhance the monumentality of the interior forms. Bathroom walls, showers and washbasins made form large-scale solid Laminam panels create a feeling of permanence and stability.

Brave people set bold goals. Distinctive kitchen project and the play of textures are like a reflection of one’s character, making it so comfortable at home.