Contemporary interior concept is very abstract and subjective. The search of one’s own distinctive style is extremely individual and inherently reflects you and your approach to the environment. That is why even interiors of similar style are so unique.

Every interior has its own character

Intersea design studio creates interiors combining the latest trends of fashion and technology and what is naturally required for a specific space. Sense of space and function solutions remain amongst the most important aspects during the development of a project. Great attention is given to developing a harmonious entirety. Interiors must naturally blend into the existing environment and architecture and everything has to relate: colors, light (both natural and artificial), shapes and materials… After professionally arranging the space we seek fulfilment. Interior decor and accessories are chosen (sometimes it can be only one painting that creates the entire emotional value of the interior) and the interior “rings”.

Correctly designed interior does not age, it gradually matures and develops a connection to it’s inhabitants. And then the home is cosy.

Therefore, the new term ‘modern classics’ does not necessarily mean an eclectic style blend. It means that modern art can have a long lasting value.

Modern art can become classics

Intersea APIE MUS foto