butas-senamiestyje-svetaines-interjeras butas-senamiestyje-svetaines-interjeras
Svetainė Svetainė

Apartment in the Old Town of Klaipeda

Location: Klaipeda
Area: 144 m2

The spirit of Klaipeda’s Old Town blends with today’s tastes. A clean white space just ‘rings’. Huge arched windows remind us the importance and beauty of natural light and distant views that are universal to all time.

Static and minimalist kitchen is the most prominent element in the common living area. The kitchen island covered with natural Bianco Carrara marble forms an impression of stability and eternity. The design of the high kitchen cabinet is based on the newest technologies. The concealed part of the kitchen can instantly open and be ready for intensive cooking. Stylish chaise longue becomes an expressive highlight, which shows that comfort and relaxation are crucial at home. Seemingly completely different small furniture and accessories catch attention and allow the house to be alive: migrating depending on your mood or being serious when needed.

The biggest value of the classic space is that it inspires wise thought and sincere conversations.